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Anybody has spec of Fiesta Festival ? ... See moreSee less

I am thinking of a different route with my mk1 fiesta clocks. I like the look of the mk2 escort RS2000 clocks has anyone done this conversion or a similar one using any other clocks. Cheers mark ... See moreSee less

Carl WatsonAre we talking a dashboard conversion or interior or something else

12 hours ago

Mark AaronNo just the clocks

2 hours ago

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Mitesh Parmar shared Ford UK's photo to the group: Ford Fiesta MK1 Club - www.fiesta-mk1.co.uk. ... See moreSee less

It's Fiesta Friday! Here's the original on a grand tour of London in 1976 #Fiesta40

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Mitesh Parmar shared Fundación Estanislao Reverter's album to the group: Ford Fiesta MK1 Club - www.fiesta-mk1.co.uk. ... See moreSee less

El primer Ford Fiesta de Competición nace 1977 en los talleres del equipo Reverter Competición. Se construye una unidad prototipo a partir de un Fiesta 1.1 S con motor potenciado conducido por Pío Alonso. Al año siguiente llegarán los dos Fiestas 1300 S grupo 2 pilotados por Pablo de Sousa y Pío Alonso. También en 1978 Rafa Cid gana el Rallye Rías Bajas con un Ford Fiesta 1300 S Grupo 2 preparado en los talleres de Reverter Competición, siendo el primer Fiesta que gana una competición a nivel mundial. Este año que inauguramos el Museo vence en el Rallye de Ourense - Ourense Termal el Ford Fiesta R5 de Miguel Fuster y se alza con el Trofeo Fundación Estanislao Reverter Ángel Paniceres con su Ford Fiesta R2. Curiosas coincidencias…

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Bit of adjustment using ancient gastester, but ready for retro rides tomorrow.... ... See moreSee less

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Does anyone mind giving me ideas in tuning up the car. I want it to look really nice so any ideas would be amazing. I've had this car for around 4 years but I wasn't knowledgeable enough to be able to fix a car. It is a 1979 ford fiesta which I got as a gift. ... See moreSee less

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Laszlo HorvathStill all standard on the carb exhaust etc. Get some more pics up.

1 day ago

Giovanni SerranoIt's never been touched. Never a single modification. It's all stock.

1 day ago   ·  1

Laszlo HorvathHas it got air con on that. I know the federal spec fiesta had less power than the European mk1 1.3 because it was so restricted. The carb is a major restriction on them.

1 day ago

Giovanni SerranoI believe it does have it. Just one question. Are there any engine swaps which would be common? Or a bit easy to do compared to some other engines.

1 day ago

Laszlo HorvathA lot of people here in the U.K. Put the 2.0 zetec engine in found in focus/Mondeo. You have the Contour with the zetec and focus. But a lot are keeping the 1.6 cross flow. You can get good power out of the cross flow. But being in the states it will be harder to get tune up parts.

1 day ago

Erik van RaalteHow I made mine Got a 1800 zetec in it Easy enough to do

16 hours ago

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what kinda prices are superports making now ... See moreSee less

Paul KillanIf your selling one 50 quid and I'll have it 👍😂

2 days ago

Gordon Lairdim not sellin one im just curious paul if i was to buy one what would i be looking at paying

2 days ago

Paul KillanAll depends on condition to price dude

2 days ago

Gordon Lairda good tidy standard one needing minimal work to make mint

2 days ago

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Hi guys I'm after a roll cage and wide arch kit for my mk1 can anybody help please ... See moreSee less

Kent DahlströmTo bad you dont live in sweden i have a rollcage in my mk1 i build my self and the cage will be bolted out

2 days ago

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Timothy HavardTry Alloy Racing Fabrications for a proper Group.2 alloy arch kit for a Mk1 Fiesta

2 days ago

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Paul MackayNot just the busses but would love to see cars like that on the roads still instead of the shit we have now

2 days ago   ·  4

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Wanted!!! Anyone got any 16" 4x108 steelies or old skool alloys for sale?? ... See moreSee less


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Fiesta MK1 Parts for Sale/Wanted Feed

After / wanted

Fiesta mk1 xr2 two horns

Must be working & good/mint condition
... See moreSee less

Ford Fiesta MK1 Supersport spotted on ebay. yes please!! ebay.to/2bVYr2F ... See moreSee less

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1981 Mk1 FORD FIESTA BRAVO GREY/SILVER 1760 CROSSFLOW ENGINED!! on ebay. ebay.to/2bi7RWL ... See moreSee less

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Chris HutchisonDoes anyone know this car as it's ment to be by me but never seen it

3 days ago

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1.1 Valencia Crossflow anyone?

Came out of my '79 Mk1 which has covered 30k from new so was running sweet! Airbox isn't pictured but is included in the sale 👍

Offers in the region of £100 collection only from South Greater London
... See moreSee less

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Mk1 fiesta strut brace wanted anyone know where I can get one from? Cheers mark
... See moreSee less

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Steve GreenSpeedshack might be able to help. Give them a call.

5 days ago

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Wanted / after

Fiesta mk1 xr2 interior roof clock with light

Must be good condition! (No damage or crack)

Prefer in black! Grey may be consider

Money ready
... See moreSee less

Graham McAllisterI have one

5 days ago

Lucy WhiteAwesome! Non crack & damage must be good condition.

5 days ago

Graham McAllisterWill get pics

5 days ago

Lucy WhiteCheers bud Pm me once you got picture 👍🏻

5 days ago   ·  1

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Hi guys looking for a mk1 xr2 exhaust system preferred standard type or if anyone knows where I could source one? Thanks ... See moreSee less

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Looking for a Mk1 parcel shelf. Buckinghamshire area .Tia ... See moreSee less

Wanted / after

Fiesta mk1 xr2 radiator housing fan

Money ready
... See moreSee less

Any xr2 steels about ... See moreSee less

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